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All campaigns need a strong team, here are some of my supporters:

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Cllr Clayeon McKenzie
Hoxton West Ward
"Phil is the fairest and most inclusive person I know. I'm excited that he might be our candidate for Mayor, and I know he would bring to the role his skills as a campaigner and be accessible to people from across the borough. He will work hard to make Hackney better for everyone."
Cllr Carole Williams
Hoxton West Ward
"Hackney needs a Mayor who is able to demonstrate an ability to listen to diverse opinions while delivering policies that will build a Hackney that works for everyone.

" In the 11 years I've known and worked with Phil, he has consistently done just that. That's why I'm backing Phil to be the next Hackney Mayor."

Cllr Sharon Patrick
King's Park Ward
"I am endorsing Phil as I've worked closely with him as Vice Chair of Living in Hackney and been impressed by his depth of knowledge and his passion for the rights of all tenants in the Borough. Whether they are living in social housing or the private sector, he has striven to improve their conditions. He's worked extremely hard to make sure that Hackney builds as many new council homes as we can afford, despite there being no Government money to build new homes and has thought up creative ways of doing this. 

"I was impressed by the way he lead the campaign against the Housing and Planning Act and was able to bring in people at all levels from the House of Lords to council tenants at public meetings and demonstrations.
"Phil responded to my concern as ward councillor when I told him about the anger and frustration of tenants who had been left out of the Decent Homes programme, but were living with broken kitchens. He recently attend a public meeting in the ward to announce a programme of new kitchens and bathrooms and also the building of new council homes in Kings Park.
"I think Phil would make a great Mayor for Hackney, he has passion for improving the lives of the people of Hackney and delivering on his promises."
Cllr Richard Lufkin
Shacklewell Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney".

Cllr Michelle Gregory
Shacklewell Ward
"I have known Phil for 10 years from when he became my ward Councillor. Phil has proven himself to work really hard for the people of Hackney and goes to enormous lengths to do so, with a never ending enthusiasm and is highly capable . 

"I find Phil to be fair and accessible, and I think he is ready to be mayor of the borough I have loved living in for the last 35 years."

Cllr Sade Etti
Clissold Ward
"I'm supporting Phil because of his impressive track record on housing and his work to challenge the Housing Bill. It shows his genuine commitment to improving the lives of our diverse communities.

"He listens and responds to issues when I raise them and has a warm personality, which he brings to the council and I know would continue if he became our candidate for Mayor."
Cllr Ned Hercock
Clissold Ward
"Phil's political priority has long been housing: building new high-quality, genuinely affordable homes in Hackney, fixing the ones we've already got, and campaigning to protect social housing nationwide. 

"I trust him to deliver in this area as mayor and, more generally, to build a fairer, greener, more liveable borough."
Cllr Patrick Moule
Stoke Newington Central Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney."
Cllr Mete Coban
Stoke Newington Central Ward
"I know that Phil will help young people like me get on the housing ladder and secure a better future."
Cllr Anna-Joy Rickard
Hackney Downs Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney."
Cllr Sem Moema
Hackney Downs Ward
Chair of Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney."
Cllr Michael Desmond
Hackney Downs
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney".

Cllr Will Brett
Victoria Ward
"Phil has the track record to deliver real improvements for people in Hackney. He'd make a fantastic Mayor and I'm backing him all the way."
Cllr Ben Hayhurst
Hackney Central Ward 
"Phil would be a great Mayor and has my support. He listens. He cares. He delivers."
Cllr Vincent Stops
Hackney Central Ward
"I've seen close up Phil's work on housing. I have been impressed with his work on the detail of housing management and the energy he's put into campaigning against some dreadful Government proposals. 

"He has also demonstrated a commitment to building high quality, well designed, genuinely affordable housing. I have no hesitation in recommending him as our next Mayor of Hackney"
Cllr Pete Snell
Dalston Ward
"Jules always backed me in standing up for Dalston. I'm backing Phil as the candidate I trust most to do the same."
Cllr Brian Bell
Brownswood Ward
"I've known and worked with Phil Glanville since we were both elected in 2006. We served together as group officers. He's always been a very encouraging and supportive colleague.

"But most recently he took on Housing which must be the most demanding role in Hackney. He's already overseen Hackney Homes coming back in-house and begun to make significant service improvements.

"Most directly I've seen his work on delivering housing regeneration schemes which will provides thousands of new homes in Hackney. In our case a scheme stalled for many years, is now finally delivering.

"I truly believe he would make the best next Mayor."
Cllr Ian Rathbone
Leabidge Ward
"Phil is a very approachable person, open to new ideas and criticism. He has a human touch. He’s a ‘warm’ person. We need someone like this who can reach out to our communities who they can feel will listen sympathetically to their needs, who will come and meet them where they are. And who will take action rather than just talk words. "
Cllr Sally Mulready
Homerton Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney."
Rt Hon David Lammy
Member of Parliament for Tottenham
"I've worked with Phil and I'm backing him to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of Hackney because he understands and listens to the different communities that make North East London their home. 

"He'll be a strong and respected voice for Hackney at all levels of government and has the experience of working with neighbouring boroughs, the GLA and in Parliament on the issues that really matter like housing, jobs, skills, and transport."
Grace Alli-Adebayo
Founder of Wenlock Over 55s and domestic violence activist
"I am endorsing Philip Glanville for his commitment in supporting the community at large especially our elderly citizens. His passion for the well being of Hackney residents is second to none. Phil has demonstrated is love and compassion by working directly with those on the grassroots."
Isaac Gluck
Labour Party Member
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney, I truly believe that Phil has the qualifications to be the Mayor of Hackney!"
Matthew Burn
Labour Party Member, Victoria Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney."
Mavis McGee
Hackney Downs resident, Panel Chair and Housing Campaigner
"I am supporting Phil to be Mayor of Hackney because I've worked with him first hand fighting this Tory Government and their terrible attacks on social housing. 

"He didn't just sit in the Town Hall: he organised public meetings; joined us on three national marches; spoke up outside Parliament; took on the Housing Minister and ensured our voice was heard in Westminster when he arranged a meeting with Shadow Ministers.

"Phil would be a Mayor that would safeguard our council homes, listen to residents, create jobs and will keep building the next generation of council homes for our children and grandchildren."
Carole Wardrop
Hackney Resident
"I'm backing Philip to become Mayor of Hackney because he has promised to deliver very long awaited new social housing and homes with rents affordable for Hackney residents. 

"I've lived in Hackney all my life - born, bred, educated and worked here, so has my husband and our children. It's our home, it's our borough, it's the best place in London to be."
Lindsey Rostron
Wick Labour Party Member
"I'm supporting Phil because I know how much he cares about Hackney, how hard he works and how committed and engaging he is to young people. He's visited my children's school a number of times and has been an inspiring role model. Phil is a person who gets things done and he would make a wonderful Mayor of Hackney."
Steve Mendel
Dalston Labour Party Member
"I'm a Labour Party member in Dalston and was impressed by Phil's commitment regarding housing and homelessness in Hackney which is an issue in which I'm involved when he spoke at a Ward meeting I attended last year".
Maggie Gallon
TMO Member and Hoxton resident
"I am backing Phil for Hackney. Since Phil has been my local councillor he has continually been active in listening to residents and working towards solutions to their problems. Apart from being an excellent councillor he is very easy to talk to and is a good and sympathetic listener."
Sarah Adams
Wenlock Community Kitchen
"As my local Councillor, Phil has always been very active and responsive. His commitment to improve housing and tackling unaffordable rents in Hackney is clear. With his experience and drive I'm confident he'll be able to deliver."
Laura Pascal Smith
Branch Secretary, Cazenove Ward
"I'm supporting Phil because housing is the biggest challenge Hackney currently faces. Phil has the experience, knowledge and passion needed to confront this. These are difficult times for local government with Tory cuts hitting harder and harder. 

"Phil is the candidate I know I can trust to ensure that really important front line services that support vulnerable people are protected and supported. 

"Phil comes across as both professional (a safe pair of hands) and personable (a really very nice guy); I know he will more than deliver on his pledge to be a more accessible Mayor and open up the Town Hall to new voices."
Liam Kelly
Stamford Hill Ward
"I'm backing Phil for Hackney, he has demonstrated a determined, enduring, resolute and sincere commitment to address the housing crisis above and beyond the call of duty. Phil is a hard working inclusive, highly experienced, knowledgeable, and articulate councillor. Who is dedicated to addressing inequality, improving the living conditions and life chances for the wonderfully diverse people of Hackney."
Rita Krishna
Former Hackney Councillor and Cabinet Member for Children's Services 2006-2014
"I worked with Phil in my years as Cabinet Member and he has been consistently impressive. 

"The impact of housing quality on wellbeing - of both children and adults - is consistently underplayed in policy discourse. Phil's expertise, passion and record of delivery in this area will redress the balance. 

"Maintaining a diverse, socially mixed and cohesive Hackney matters to me. The part played by housing, tenure and quality is critical to securing the kind of Hackney I value. Phil is the candidate best placed to deliver. 

"Phil's record of engaging with, listening to, and genuinely hearing all of Hackney is second to none. I believe Phil to be the best of four good candidates standing to be the Labour Mayor of Hackney."

Alex Kuye
Vice Chair of De Beauvoir ward & BAME officer for Hackney South CLP
"I am so proud to be supporting Philip Glanville to be our next Mayor for Hackney. I’ve lived in Hackney all my life and as a young man who was born and raised here, I can see myself staying in Hackney because of Phil.

"Working with Phil I have seen the positives in De Beauvoir when it comes to regeneration and new social housing for people who need it the most. As a police officer I know the benefits of having a safer, cleaner and greener Hackney. Phil is the only candidate who I believe is authentic and can offer a coherent policy programme that works. He is the change that we need to win the next election and transform Hackney for the better. Having listened and talked to all the Mayoral candidates, I am convinced that the person who most effectively meets the challenge is Philip Glanville."
Humaira Garasia
Branch Secretary, Leabridge Ward and Youth Officer for Hackney North
"I am glad to be supporting Philip Glanville to be the next mayor of Hackney.

"As a young person born and bred in Hackney, I have faith in Philip to work on matters faced by young people and to ensure that youth services are protected.

"I truly believe that Philip will work with the young people of through Hackney Youth parliament, to ensure that our voices are heard when it comes to decisions impacting us. 

"The young people of Hackney need a Mayor who will work with us and for us. Ensuring that we flourish with our borough."
Bryan Kennedy
Haggerston Ward member and Unite Union activist 
"I'm backing Phil to be our next Mayor of Hackney. Phil is open and approachable and is the best candidate to keep the Hackney Labour Party strong and united.

"Phil has worked closely with Unite union in our campaigns in Hackney. Phil worked hard to ensure a dozen Building Apprentices unfairly dismissed by a Hackney Contractor were compensated and found new jobs. 

"Phil was pivotal during the St Mungos housing dispute in stopping zero-hours and the casualisation of staff. I have absolutely no doubt that the interests of working people in Hackney are best served with Philip Glanville as Mayor."

Ian Nelthorpe
Branch Secretary, Hoxton West
"It's important for the left to endorse a candidate who has a proven record in leading the number one concern for our members - HOUSING. That's why I am backing Phil for Mayor. "
Cllr Paul Merry
Labour Councillor, Redbridge
"I worked for Cabinet Member Cllr Phil Glanville for 5 years in Hackney. He was the most capable and committed Housing Cabinet Member I worked with for over 26 years. 

"Now I am retired and a Labour Councillor in Redbridge, but I will be working for Cllr Phil's campaign."
Justina Cruickshank
Women's Officer, Hackney North CLP and Vice Chair, Dalston Branch
"Jules Pipe has left some mighty big shoes to fill, but by asking Phil to be the Acting Deputy Mayor, when Sophie Linden moved to the GLA, he effectively selected Phil to take up this honour. 

"Phil is sincere, geniune and has a fantastic passion for Hackney. 

"His ideas for a small business forum are excellent. Phil has a good understanding of the issues facing young people and the underemployed who have previously not been able to tap into all the opportunities that Hackney has to offer and he also has proposals to help them. These ideas surrounding improving work and skills for local people are extremely perceptive and welcome. 

Phil is of course a housing expert and as this is one of the biggest issues facing Hackney, I have doubt that he is the person to continue his already good work and lead on tackling it. 

Lastly, Phil is personable and it's important that he has said he will be a visible Mayor. I believe he is someone who will listen and who will be accountable - not dodging questions but really being there for local people. "

Gulfidan Karakas
Student and Haggerston Labour Party Member
"Beyond a doubt, Philip Glanville is the most credible candidate to stand for Major of Hackney. His passion for politics alongside his hard work will make a more equal and prospering Hackney. "
Cllr Vincent Carroll
Labour Councillor, Haringey (but born and raised on Dalston Lane)
"I support Phil Because he's a highly effective practical socialist. As Cabinet Member for Housing he's been up against the most acute problem facing the borough and the city. Phil has built a formidable reputation across London as someone who always gets the best deal for the people of Hackney, and I'm sure he would continue that as Mayor."
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